Video conferencing consultant and industry blogger.

This blog specializes in video conferencing, collaboration, telecommuting, coworking, and green technology (as well as any cool technology that is of interest).

Other blogs:

TracyReaderDad Book Reviews (mostly Thrillers and Mysteries)

ForCarol.com (a 501c3 non-profit to raise awareness of unsafe teen driving, award college scholarships, and provide classroom supplies to teachers)

AltamontCowork (a coworking location in Tracy, CA)

Photoshopped me…:-)

  1. Dear Telbit- my software firm provides a developed, supported, enterprise version of the Access Grid. We would love to have you run it and review it.
    Thanks Telbit,
    -Jerry Leary

  2. Mr.pilman??? Is this your site?

  3. You did a review of our product in the past and I was wondering if you would do another, we’ve made many changes since you last reviewed it. It would be much appreciated.

    Brittany Refka

  4. Agree with you on the term which is why i setup a UK website to help users understand what they can do if they “use” their device in the corporate environment

  5. Pushkar Bhandari

    I need video conferencing consulting. How do I contact you ? My id : pushkar@7isolutionz.com

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