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Videoconferencing Usage Poll

I will be writing up the Librestream Onsight Review this weekend (hopefully).

 Soooo, while we are waiting, maybe another poll will be interesting (lets see if more than 8 people dare to answer it… previous record).   🙂

Note that “telecommute” means from: Home, Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, Airport, Hotel,TeleWork Center,  etc etc. 

And, for those teachers who read this, office can refer to the Classroom.


High Definition TV Poll

Update:  Jan 12 2009  7 total votes.  Actually not bad!  I saw a blog that had this on the side.  I will try to get it there and try again!  Thanks for voting!  🙂


Ok, now that I am on WordPress, lets try something new.  

I am interested to see how many people own a High Definition TV or are planning to get one.

If there are a decent number of responses, I will post other polls to see what you all are thinking and planning.  

This could be interesting, or it could flop.

 Let’s give it a try.  🙂