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Higgs Boson, Hoggs Bison, Whatever

Facebook kinda sucks for keeping things longterm… I decided to post this on my blog for all to see and appreciate!

I posted MY “discovery” over a year ago (on Facebook of course, where one day later no one gives a shit)…..those scientists in CERN (who used my ESnet H.323 video conferencing network, by the way, to design this LHC monster)….are just too damn slow announcing the discovery of the “God” particle.

Geeezzz….people….you need to break those atoms just a bit faster!  Get to spinning….go ahead, you are wasting time!  GO!!!

I have listened in on your video conferences at times, and to sit thru those boring ass meetings (ATLAS schmatless)… have got to be dedicated to keep your eyes open and to make  those totally uncomprehendable comments (incomprehensible?  hey…English is my third language…New York is my first, California my second (and we all know education sucks out here) ….you all put ME to sleep!!!!

Slow but dedicated….:-))))

I am WAY ahead of you (pat on my back)….but….CONGRATULATIONS, anyway.

(finding a fundamental force (or is it a particle…do you know which?….in my lifetime)….WOW!…..this blog was all in good fun….I have the UTMOST respect for ALL of you!  and to know I had a very little part to play in all this….double wow. )

Go here for more info:!/cern/