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This is 2012….

There are any number of jobs that can use any number of remote access technologies (from ubiquitous high-speed Internet access to document application sharing to video conferencing to IP voice to plain old email…and everything in between) that allow employees to TELECOMMUTE / TELEWORK effectively, efficiently, and productively…….from virtually anywhere.

Why is it not happening?

Well….for one there are still those Old Fashioned Bosses (OFB’s) out there that insist you are not working unless you are cultivating your farm under the OFB’s nose.  Secondly, I will bet that if you approached your OFB to TELECOMMUTE / TELEWORK they would think you would never get out of your PJs and play / goof-around more than work.   They also think (stupidly) that TELECOMMUTE / TELEWORK is a PERK.

Arrrghhh…..the OFB’s need to retire already!

TELECOMMUTE / TELEWORKING is easy to start.  Lots of experts want to charge you thousands and…

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