Video Conferencing Consulting

Looking at video conferencing for your company?

Independent video conferencing consultant with 23+ years (yup…since the very beginning) of experience in real world video conferencing design, implementation, and administration can help you:

+ Separate the wheat from the chaff (i.e. understand your needs and pick the right vendor(s))

+ Design an architecture specific to your needs

+ Project Manage the installation / testing of your system(s).

+ Train your employees to run your video conferencing operation

+ Provide long term support

+Independently troubleshoot problems.  Work with vendor to fix.

Have need, will travel.

  1. Juan Miguel Caro

    I am interested in a video conferencing cosultancy service. I am based out of Bogota, Colombia, and I want to set up a public conference room here, so I need advice on equipment, but I also wat to use that same public conference room to broadcast virtual events (congresses) so I would like equipment that can do both.

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